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See a Folsom chiropractor for your auto-injury care


Chiropractic care in Folsom, CA focuses on musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, their diagnosis and their treatment. The human body is prone to injury, some of which can affect the nervous system. These include misalignments that cause poor bodily functions. These misalignments usually occur after an accident, particularly an auto accident, because of the force of impact of the machine and the body. The spine is one part of the body that is most often misaligned and its malfunction can lead to serious nerve impulse deficiencies and poor bodily functions. Ligaments can also be affected by auto accidents and repaired by chiropractic. Other injuries that can be treated with chiropractic include; sprains, whiplash and back injuries.

Chiropractic does not involve any drugs or surgery. It only uses spinal adjustments to correct misalignments and restore proper functioning.

In case of an auto-accident it is best to see a Californiachiros chiropractor to ensure all misalignments are corrected to avoid further bodily damage in future.

Spinal Adjustment

Often referred to chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation, it is a therapeutic treatment for the lower back for pain and misalignment. In this process, a chiropractor manually manipulates the back and spine that have experienced trauma due to an accident. The purpose of this manipulation is to restore joint flexibility and mobility in hypo-mobile joints that are caused by tissue injury. Tissue injury occurs when trauma is applied to the area, in this case, an automobile accident.

Spinal adjustment is a relatively painless procedure although slight discomfort has been experienced by some people. However, compared to other pain and injury treatments this is the safest and highly effective as it is instantly relieving. Visit Californiachiros chiropractic to learn more.

Ligament sprain treatment

Excessive stress on ligament, such as those that may be afflicted in an auto accident may cause ligament sprains. These sprains cause joint inflammation and instability. Chiropractors in Folsom are able to perform a sprain diagnosis and determine points of injury and how to manipulate them for relief.

Sprains are divided into three categories;

1st degree sprains: These are mild sprains that are a result of 10% tearing and overstretching of fibers. Joints are still stable and only mild pain is experienced.

2nd degree sprains: These are moderate sprains that involve 11-50% separation and tear of ligaments. Causing a bit of joint instability and mild to severe pain. Swelling and stiffness may also be experienced

3rd degree sprains. These are severe sprains that involve 51-100% tear and separation of ligaments. They cause a lot of instability, severe pain and serious swelling.

Chiropractors treat 1st and 2nd-degree sprains. 3rd-degree sprains are too severe and often need surgery. Chiropractic, however, is useful after this surgery to facilitate rehabilitation and ensure joints are back to full functionality. Chiropractic treatment is important in ligament sprains because it minimalizes scar tissue formation and strengthens joints after an accident.

Whiplash and chiropractic treatment

Whiplash is a neck injury that results from trauma to the neck, usually caused by hard impact like that experienced in an auto accident. Chiropractic treatment for whiplash should not be generalized because different cases need different cases need different chiropractic techniques. A chiropractic exam is usually performed then technique to be applied is determined.

Generally, however, whiplash is treated through spinal manipulation, where the chiropractor gently stretches the muscle that has tension and moving the connected joints to the restricted direction.

Chiropractic care and X-Rays

Chiropractors take X-Rays as a procedure to determine what auto injuries need surgery and which ones need chiropractic depending on severity and extent of the injury. These factors can only be determined through X-Ray. In mild cases of trauma and injury, X-Rats are not needed. Long-term benefits of chiropractic care include:

i. Triggering healing abilities of the body. It helps the body become disease-resistant a side form treating actual ailments. Due to this, you will rarely experience headaches.

ii. Is a drug-free, surgery-free form of treatment. It is a completely natural method of treatment.

iii. Improves posture especially back and spinal posture, decreasing cases of back pain

iv. Prevents arthritis and joint pains

v. Regulates and maintains blood pressure

In case of an auto mobile accident, consider chiropractic as one of your go-to treatments. Not only do they give instant relief from pain and discomfort, they provide a prolonged protection from complications in the future.